Faux Finishing & Textures

Enhance your rooms with the illusion of new, textured surfaces.

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Make your home truly unique with the right faux finish or texture. Here’s how our expert team at Color Faux Walls can add character to your cozy spaces.

Okay, what is faux finishing? Faux painting is giving the illusion of another surface, such as wood, metal, leather, marble, fabric etc. to another surface using transparent glazes and paints. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose a faux finished look.

  • Faux finishes last longer than the average wallpaper
  • There are a variety of texture and faux finish applications and uses
  • You can use it to hide a surface’s imperfections
  • It can truly transform the ambiance of the room

If you want to effectively add character and beautiful colors to the rooms in your home, faux finishing is the way to go. Trust us to help you mimic the appearance of materials – wood, marble, fabric, etc. – with the use of high-quality glazes and paints.

Trust Us With Your Faux Finishing

It may be a bit of a lost art, but we are one of the few companies that still provide faux finishing services. Our company was founded on this art form and we still have artists on staff who decoratively paint finishes to replicate a variety of textures (marble, wood, stone, etc..)

With over 20 years of experience, Color Faux Walls is metro Atlanta’s top choice for high-quality faux finishing services. We treat your home as it’s our own leaving it better and brighter than it was before. All of our professional painters are respectful of your space and take pride in their work. You can expect nothing but the best service and fairest prices in Atlanta.

What Makes Our Faux Finishing Different

Color Faux Walls is not like your average painting company. We make every effort to create a unique and personal faux finishing experience, from service and pricing to products and results. Here are just a few more reasons to choose Color Faux Walls for your faux finishing needs.

  1. We Prep For Detail: No job can be prideful without sanding, caulking, priming and repairing
  2. We Clean-Up Our Messes: We make a mess but clean up after ourselves!
  3. We Are Transparent Communicators: Our team will clearly discuss any concerns with you
  4. We Exceed Expectations: We strive to exceed what you hoped for
  5. No Movers!: That’s right – we will move and replace all of your heavy furniture
  6. Quick Call Backs: typically on the same day
  7. Fast Estimates: we’ll prepare your estimate for you within 24 hours
  8. Color Consultations: we’ll lend our painting and color expertise to help you make the perfect color and faux finishing choice

Whether you’re new to hiring a professional painting company, or you’ve only hired pros, you may have a few questions for us. Below, we’ve answered some of our more frequently asked questions that you may have too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of paint products do you use?

While we exclusively use Sherwin Williams paints, glazes and products. We are happy to use another brand if you prefer. With an array of color palettes and products, we’ll help you select the right one for your project.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured.

How much do you charge?

There are several variables that play a role in our pricing. We are very competitively priced and are happy to provide you with a free estimate. Give us a call today for your project’s estimate.

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